Book Review: The Next Always by Nora Roberts

The Next Always

Book number 29 in my Goodreads Reading Challenge is The Next Always by Nora Roberts.

‘The historic hotel in Boonsboro has endured war and peace, changing hands, even rumored hauntings. Now it’s getting a major facelift from the Montgomery brothers and their eccentric mother. Beckett is the architect of the family, and his social life consists mostly of talking shop over pizza and beer. But there’s another project he’s got his eye on: the girl he’s been waiting to kiss since he was fifteen.
After losing her husband and returning to her hometown, Clare Brewster soon settles into her life as the mother of three young sons while running the town’s bookstore. Busy, with little time for romance, Clare is drawn across the street by Beckett’s transformation of the old inn, wanting to take a closer look . . . at the building and the man behind it.
With the grand opening inching closer, Beckett’s happy to give Clare a private tour – one room at a time. It’s no first date, but these stolen moments are the beginning of something new – and open the door to the extraordinary adventure of what comes next.’ (Thanks Amazon!)

I have had this book for a really long time…I clearly bought it based on the blurb, because since purchasing it I haven’t read it as I didn’t find the cover enthralling enough.  Well as we all know, never judge a book by its cover!  I loved this book! It’s a typical American romance, but the characters are really lovely – I wanted to know more about each of their back stories.  The central love story was subtle and realistic, even despite the addition of the supernatural!  As for setting, well I want to visit Boonsboro and I want to stay in that Inn with it’s beautifully crafted literature lovers themed rooms!

The set up for the remaining novels in the Inn Boonsboro trilogy was obvious but not unwanted.  These two novels now find themselves on my wishlist, and I will be reading them when i’m in need of a little light romance.  So if that’s what you’re looking for – a little romance, well rounded, good characters and a beautiful setting then this series may be for you!

Rating: 📖 📖 📖 📖

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