Book Review: My Everything by Katie Marsh

Book number 30 in my Goodreads reading challenge is My Everything by Katie Marsh.

‘On the day Hannah is finally going to tell her husband she’s leaving him, he has a stroke . . . and life changes in an instant.
Tom’s only 32. Now he can’t walk or cut up his own food, let alone use his phone or take her in his arms. And Hannah’s trapped. She knows she has to care for her husband, the very same man she was ready to walk away from.
But with the time and fresh perspective he’s been given, Tom re-evaluates his life, and becomes determined to save his marriage. Can he once again become the man his wife fell in love with, or has he left it too late?’ (Thanks Amazon)

What an interesting (and much discussed) concept.  To have made a decision following months of heartache, pain and soul-searching just to have that decision taken away from you must be heart-wrenching.  A decision that had the potential to change your life for the better, only to have it removed by fate. What would you do?

I think that Katie Marsh deals with this subject in a manner that will make you want to cry for Hannah, applaud her and cheer for her.  My Everything describes a life changing event that affects both Tom and Hannah, eventually making their life priorities far clearer than either had anticipated.

I think the subject of this novel is fascinating, and  it really makes you consider your own actions in such a scenario.  Hannah’s actions throughout the novel are applaudable, but the flashbacks also help show why Tom had put them in the position that they found themselves in.  The novel highlights the need to find a healthy work/life balance, and the need for communication in any relationship.

This novel is both tragic and heartwarming as a couple seek to ‘fix’ their damaged relationship in the face of adversity.  This is a thought-provoking example of good chick lit – there are no surprises however I urge you to read it if only to prompt you to ask yourself the questions: Would you be strong enough to leave?  Would you be strong enough to stay?

Rating: 3 and a half stars out of 5


Reader’s Block – is it a thing?

So it’s been a while since my last blog, and that is because I have had a serious case of ‘reader’s block’.  This has not helped my Goodreads Reading challenge at all!  Sadly, the cause of my reader’s block was a book.

So you may have noticed from my previous blogs that I don’t give ‘bad’ reviews.  I think that your views are very subjective, and what one person likes to read another will not.  I also believe that every book is the product of hours, days, weeks, months of work for the author so destroying that work with a bad review just seems mean.  So I choose not to review books that I do not like. However this leads me to the severe case of reader’s block from which I have recently suffered.  Whilst I will not name this book, I can say that it was a Sunday Times’ Bestseller, with a lovely shiny front cover to draw me in.  Unfortunately, despite it’s lovely reviews, famous author and riveting subject it took me three weeks to get half way through the book and I ultimately put it down before reaching the end.

Putting a book down before reaching the end really does upset me. I always endeavour to finish a novel, however in this case it was impossible. It also stopped me reading anything else! I just couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to pick up another novel.  So, after losing weeks of perfectly good reading time I am finally back in the game.  But the memory of that Sunday Times’ Bestseller still resonates with me.

Have you hit a reader’s block thanks to a novel you’ve read?