My name is Mel and I am a thirty-something who loves to read!  I live at home with my husband and 12 year old twin boys.  It makes me sad that I still don’t have my own personal library, so I make do with annoying my family with piles of books around the house!

Chapter and Cake has been born out of a love for books, cake and the occasional (ahem) glass of wine.  Feel free to join me to discuss books, read my reviews (and occasionally those of my children when I can persuade them!) and anything else literature based.

Full credit for the name of my blog must go to my lovely best friend, who actually came up with the name for the bookshop that my husband won’t let me have! So the next best thing is this blog!

So we have a new rating system for 2017!

📖 = 1 star

📗 = 1/2 star

Netgalley Professional Reader   top reviewer

One thought on “About

  1. Thank you, Mel, for welcoming me to your Blog and writing such a lovely review. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my book. A sequel is in the pipeline!

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