Book Review: No Filter by Maxine Morrey

No Filter

I am very pleased to bring you my review of No Filter by Maxine Morrey.

In an Instagram world, can you find love just by being yourself…

Popular lifestyle blogger, Libby Cartwright, is being boggled by business when help shows up in the shape of gorgeous but shy, Charlie Richmond. Libby’s determined to keep it at ‘just good friends’ – she’s dated someone from ‘Corporate Land’ before and it didn’t end well. As she and Charlie begin spending more time together, Libby is starting to waver  – until she discovers something which makes her question if she’s ready for love.

Still reeling, she suffers another blow as her blog is attacked in a national newspaper, for promoting unachievable perfection. Libby knows it’s not true – but the only way to prove that is to strip off the armour she’s been wearing for years.

Is she brave enough to show the world she’s far from perfect? And will Charlie be by her side if she does…

I am a big fan of Maxine Morrey – I have already read and reviewed Around the World with My ExThe Christmas ProjectWinter’s FairytaleSecond Chance at the RanchNo Place Like Home and Coming Home to Wishington Bay (wow, I didn’t realise she’d written so many!) so of course I was going to read #No Filter. 

Libby Cartwright is a popular lifestyle blogger who doesn’t really know where to start when it comes to organising the financial side of her business.  Recognising her own weakness in this area she very happily accepts the help of her friends brother, Charlie.  A corporate accountant, shy Charlie offers his assistance in his spare time to help her get her business into order.  Spending time together means their friendship blossoms, but they are from different worlds – having dated a corporate man before she knows it could never work with Charlie.

Charlie is a handsome, unassuming accountant who is very successful at what he does.  In fact, he couldn’t be more different from the outgoing, bubbly Libby.  However when he finds himself helping Libby professionally as a favour, he can’t help but want to spend time with her.

When I first picked up this novel I wasn’t sure.  Bloggers and influencers are the new normal in society, but as someone that rarely wears makeup, definitely does not have the most immaculate home and does not have the most up to date gadgets, its a little outside of my own life sphere.  However, because I love Maxine’s writing I was happy to give #No Filter a shot!  Libby is not at all who I thought she would be.  She clearly works very hard on her own brand, and is choosy about which labels and brands she will work with.  She certainly does not aspire to be perfect, although I can see why she may come across that way.  I really grew to love her character as she learnt more about herself, the kind of person she wants to be, and how she wants to be portrayed to the public.  Charlie is an integral part to her learning these things.  Whilst they both make mistakes (don’t we all!), they are each able to teach the other things about themselves that they wouldn’t necessarily have discovered for themselves.  There are times when you just want to knock their heads together, but ultimately their blossoming friendship is a pleasure to follow, and you really root for them both, individually and as a couple.

This is yet another Maxine Morrey novel that I am more than happy to recommend.  So in these strange times where staying in is the new going out, grab yourself a copy of #No Filter, a glass of wine and settle in for a good reading session!

Rating: 📖 📖 📖 📖

Author Bio

Maxine Morrey Author Pic

Maxine has wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember and wrote her first (very short) book for school when she was ten.

As time went by, she continued to write, but ‘normal’ work often got in the way. She has written articles on a variety of subjects, as well as a local history book on Brighton. However, novels are her first love.

In August 2015, she won Harper Collins/Carina UK’s ‘Write Christmas’ competition with her first romantic comedy, ‘Winter’s Fairytale’.

Maxine lives on the south coast of England, and when not wrangling with words loves to read, sew and listen to podcasts. Being a fan of tea and cake, she can (should!) also be found doing something vaguely physical at the gym.

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