Book Review: The Heat Is On by Poppy J. Anderson

The Heat Is On

Book 28 in my Goodreads Reading Challenge is The Heat Is On by Poppy J. Anderson.

‘When Hayden’s fiancé breaks off their engagement, Hayden’s whole world falls apart. After all, she has loved Heath Fitzpatrick since they were children. Though she can hardly believe he really wants the breakup, she picks up the pieces of her life and tries to accept the new situation.
But her efforts are thwarted time and again by the rest of the Fitzpatrick clan, who have always been part of her life—and who are notorious for being outspoken, persistent, and downright meddlesome. None of Heath’s siblings are above adding their own two cents. Or twenty.
Even Heath himself, a daring firefighter, seems to be having trouble adjusting to his new single life. So how in the world is Hayden supposed to move on, forget the plans they made for the future, and get Heath off her mind? And even more difficult—she’ll need to banish him from her heart, forever.’ (Thanks Amazon!)

The Heat Is On is the first book in the Boston 5 series. Very unlike me, I have actually started a series with the first book!  So the Fitzpatrick siblings are all heroes in their own right…doctors, firefighters, police officers.  This first novel focuses on firefighter Heath and his ex-fiancee Hayden.  Hayden has been a part of the Fitzpatrick clan for as long as she can remember, following the death of her father.  Following the death of Heath’s father, her relationship with Heath breaks down, with him ending it abruptly with no warning.  He won’t listen to her, he won’t listen to his work colleagues and he certainly won’t listen to his family.  This novel is about his struggle with grief and the loss of his father, with a love story intertwined despite his best attempts to thwart it.

I wasn’t too sure what I thought of this novel at the beginning: Heath just seemed like he was being ridiculous shutting out everyone he loved, and I felt that Hayden was a little wet. However as the novel progressed I found myself really starting to feel for Heath, and understanding what it was he thought he was doing.  I also began to sympathise with Hayden, who had had everything she knew ripped from her in a moment.

This is a lovely novel, which dealt with both love and grief in a sensitive manner.  It wasn’t entirely what I expected, but I will be reading more in the Boston 5 series!

Rating: 📖 📖 📖 📗

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