Book Review: The Vintage Teacup Club

And book number seven is…The Vintage Teacup Club by Vanessa Greene. Honestly, I bought this because I am a sucker for a vintage teacup – sad I know!

So this book is about three women who all attempt to buy the same set of vintage teacups. Rather than any of them being disappointed they buy the set together so that they can all benefit from it.

Jenny is an excited bride to be, who seeks the tea set for her vintage styled wedding.  She has issues at home however as her absent mother decides to make an appearance.

Maggie is a divorcee who has built her new life alone.  With her successful florist business, her past returns and shows her what she wants for her future.

Alison is a married mother of two, who is seeking to help her family in a time of crisis.

Together, these three women buy a beautiful tea set.  What they don’t expect is to find a lasting friendship that will help them through they own individual issues.

This book is all about friendships that can be found in the most unexpected of places – in this case a car boot sale! I enjoyed this book, it was an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon in front of the fire.

Rating: 3 stars out of 5

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