Book Review: Montana Cherries

Book number six of 2016 is Montana Cherries by Kim Law.  This book follows Dani Wilde, a young woman who gave up her life in the wake of her mothers death to look after her father and brothers.

Ben Denton, a family friend and now famous photographer, returns to the Wilde family in Montana upon the discovery of the four year old daughter he didn’t know existed. He seeks their help in becoming the father that he did’t know he could be.

Ben and Dani have a history of friendship and one single night together.  That history returns with Ben, as Dani seeks to finally leave Montana and find her own destiny now that her brothers have all grown up.  As both Ben and her families Montana cherry farm seek to keep her, what she gave up drives her forward.

This novel is a good example of a romance in a family setting.  For me, the romance actually takes a back seat.  The way a family cares for one another and protects each other really takes centre stage.  The novel also focuses on issues of mental health, something that I truly believe should be talked about and not hidden away.  Only by talking about it, can stigma be removed.

Rating: 3 and a half stars out of 5

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