Book Review: New Beginnings at the Old Bakehouse by Christie Barlow

Today it is my pleasure to bring you my review of New Beginnings at the Old Bakehouse by Christie Barlow, which is book 9 in the Love Heart Lane series.

‘A letter, a goodbye, and a baby girl whose name will begin with “L”…’

When Heartcross’ resident clairvoyant tells Molly McKendrick to expect a whole lot of scandal and upset to blow in with the approaching winter storm, Molly doesn’t know what to think.

With a baby on the way any week now, and Christmas not far off, the last thing Molly needs is drama, but when she crosses paths with Bree, a sixteen-year-old homeless girl, and takes her in from the cold, secrets from the past flood the present and Molly, her partner Cam, and their son George, are soon experiencing a holiday season filled with unexpected festive surprises…

Imagine my excitement when I found myself in possession of New Beginnings at the Old Bakehouse so soon after receiving The New Doctor at Peony Practice!

New Beginnings at the Old Bakehouse brings back to us some beloved characters, Molly and Cam, so that we can find out what happens to them next. First featured in Primrose Park, it was wonderful to come back to these lovely characters to find out what happened to them and their lovely son George.

Heavily pregnant Molly is keen to give back to the community, so whilst trying to help Sam at the homeless hostel Molly crosses paths with Bree, a young homeless girl. With Cam working hard at the Old Bakehouse, a baby on the way and now a young girl to help, Molly finds herself in a turmoil. With a snow storm thrown into the mix, there is plenty of drama in Heartcross!

Yet another excellent addition to the Love Heart Lane series, and with an opportunity to revisit characters, I am more than happy to recommend New Beginnings at the Old Bakehouse. Christie Barlow certainly knows how to write books that feel like a warm hug – it just makes me want to move to Heartcross and immerse myself in such a lovely community! Definitely go and grab yourself a copy, and cosy up with a blanket and glass of wine and lose yourself in Heartcross!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Thank you to Netgalley, One More Chapter and Christie Barlow for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

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