Book Review: The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley

I am very pleased to bring you my review of The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley.

Six strangers with one thing in common: their lives aren’t always what they make them out to be. 
What would happen if they told the truth instead?
Julian Jessop is tired of hiding the deep loneliness he feels. So he begins The Authenticity Project – a small green notebook containing the truth about his life.
Leaving the notebook on a table in his friendly neighbourhood café, Julian never expects Monica, the owner, to track him down after finding it. Or that she’ll be inspired to write down her own story.
Little do they realise that such small acts of honesty hold the power to impact all those who discover the notebook and change their lives completely.

Julian Jessop is a lonely, elderly artist. He is reclusive within his home, burying his head in the sand about things going on around him. With a little green notebook he decides to start The Authenticity Project, writing within it details about his life and his loneliness.

Monica, owner of the local cafe is the first to pick up The Authenticity Project. She is desperate to seek out Julian, to bring him into her fold and improve his life. Eventually she is forced to evaluate her own life, and what she really longs for in her future as she adds her own story to the notebook.

Hazard is a successful city trader, but that success comes at a price. Plagued by addiction, he is seeking a way to free himself from his past.

Riley is a carefree, travelling Aussie. Thanks to The Authenticity Project he finds his travels taking a new route, as he heads for Britain.

Alice is the ‘insta’ perfect yummy Mummy – but is she really? What lurks behind all of those beautiful online photographs?

The Authenticity Project is full of characters that we recognise, either in ourselves or others. This nondescript, small green notebook seeks to draw out those characters, who, simply by picking it up, find their lives transformed. Relationships are forged, lives are saved, and dreams are followed. Clare Pooley creates a rich tapestry with these characters, as she urges us on to learn more about them, faults and all. I loved them all, even Hazard who sometimes makes it very difficult to love him!

I have already recommended this novel multiple times, and will continue to do so. If you love a character centred novel, this is book for you – the characters are vibrant, interesting, well-rounded and realistic. You can’t help but want to read on to learn more about them, to see where their journeys, and that little green notebook, will take them. Have you read The Authenticity Project yet?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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