*BLOG TOUR* Cornish Dreams at Cockleshell Cottage by Liz Hurley

Today it is my pleasure to bring you my review for Cornish Dreams at Cockleshell Cottage by Liz Hurley.

Sitting alongside the beach and just up from the gently lapping waves, sat a perfect cottage. She had found where she was going to live. Her own little cockleshell cove.
Ever since the Byrne sisters – ArianaAsterClemPaddy and Nic – discovered they were heiresses to the vast Hiverton fortune, their lives have never been the same. No longer living in poverty in London, they now own an estate in Norfolk, a castle in Scotland and a picturesque village in Cornwall.
When sensitive Paddy, the baby of the family despite her successful career as a model, swaps the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week for the cobbled lanes of Tregisky on the beautiful Cornish coast, it’s time for her to stand on her own two feet.
Soon, she’s settled in her new home of Cockleshell Cottage overlooking the wild surf, the seals her closest companions.
And when she meets ex-soldier Hal, she’s instantly smitten. Funny, considerate, and not to mention drop dead gorgeous, he’s perfect in every way apart from one – he’s engaged. But after a misunderstanding brings the two together in ways they couldn’t have imagined, it seems like they might just change each other’s lives.
Will Paddy fall in love with more than just the glorious blue skies of Cornwall? Or are there storm clouds gathering ahead?
Escape to the Cornish coast this summer with this completely uplifting romcom – perfect for fans of Holly Martin, Phillipa Ashley and Milly Johnson.

Day two of this fabulous blog tour, and I am here to bring you my review! I loved A New Life for Ariana Byrne so I was particularly excited when I discovered that Cornish Dreams at Cockleshell Cottage was nearing its publication! The Byrne sisters had a tough start to life, so when Ariana discovers that she has inherited the title of Countess of Hiverton and everything that goes with it, she and her sisters are left in shock. Their change in fortune is huge, and nobody deserves it more than Ariana. However with a number of large estates to look after, she needs her four sisters more than ever to help her in taking on this newfound responsibility.

Paddy Byrne has spent the last few years travelling the world as the famous model Holly McDonald, changing her name so as to protect the privacy of both herself and her sisters. Paddy was determined to do her bit to keep her family together when her parents died, so when she was scouted by a modelling agency she jumped at the chance to earn some money to help support everyone. However, with her money no longer required to keep them all afloat, she is keen to take a step back and help her sister with the Cornish estate. She wants to prove to everyone that she is more than a pretty face, that she can do her bit to help run the estate and assist those people that are counting on them for jobs and homes.

Hal is an ex-soldier who has returned home to help his father run their own estate in Cornwall. His life is all planned out, with his engagement to Bianca and his plans for expanding the estate. What he doesn’t plan on is meeting Paddy. When they meet the sparks fly, and they find their lives intertwined in a way neither expected.

I loved this novel, just as I loved A New Life for Ariana Byrne. Obviously there’s plenty of romance, miscommunications and drama but I particularly love the Byrne sisters. There is so much character development – you really get to understand how they got to be where they are, how their past has affected them and how they want to grow as people. I love how tight knit they are as sisters – as someone with sisters this is completely relatable, both the love between them and the annoyances! Whilst the first novel was set in Norfolk, Cornish Dreams at Cockleshell Cottage is set in Cornwall, and Liz Hurley really captures the raw beauty of the Cornish coastline. Setting is everything in a novel, and Liz has worked wonders with this one.

I am more than happy to recommend this novel as a standalone, but you’ll be missing out if you don’t read the series. I can not wait for the next Byrne sister novel, I’ll be grabbing a copy at the earliest opportunity!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Thank you to Liz Hurley and Rachel at Rachels Random Resources for inviting me to be a part of this fabulous blog tour, and for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

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Author Bio

Heroines with grit, gumption and good old-fashioned gorgeousness!

Liz Hurley writes exciting and heart warming stories that will make you cheer and laugh.

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Twitter: @hello_hurley

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