Book Review: Coming Home to Holly Close Farm by Julie Houston

I am so pleased to bring you my review of Coming Home to Holly Close Farm by Julie Houston.

Charlie Maddison loves being an architect in London, but when she finds out her boyfriend, Dominic, is actually married, she runs back to the beautiful countryside of Westenbury and her parents.  Charlie’s sister Daisy, a landscape gardener, is also back home in desperate need of company and some fun.

Their great-grandmother, Madge – now in her early nineties – reveals she has a house, Holly Close Farm, mysteriously abandoned over sixty years ago, and persuades the girls to project manage its renovation.

As work gets underway, the sisters start uncovering their family’s history, and the dark secrets that are hidden at the Farm.  A heart-breaking tale of wartime romance, jealousy and betrayal slowly emerges, but with a moral at its end: true love can withstand any obstacle, and, before long, Charlie dares to believe in love again too…

I was lucky enough to read A Village Affair by Julie Houston last year as part of the blog tour, so was very excited when she emailed me about her latest novel Coming Home to Holly Close Farm.  I am very pleased to say that I was not disappointed!

Charlie Maddison unexpectedly finds herself leaving London, boyfriendless, homeless and jobless.  Heartbroken, and desperately unhappy to be back in her small village she finds herself in the midst of family secrets that had remained hidden for sixty years.

I do not want to give away anything more about this story than I have to – whilst it is not technically a dual timeline novel, there is a second story that is told via memories.  As you will by now be well aware if you are a regular reader of mine, I love anything set during World War II, and so I was particularly pleased to discover these memories were set during this time period.

This novel had me hooked.  I really enjoyed A Village Affair, but I loved Coming Home to Holly Close Farm.  I wanted to read more, both about Charlie and Daisy, but also about Madge, James and Arthur.  This was a fabulous novel about heartbreak, love but most of all about family.  I cannot recommend this novel enough – grab a copy and let me know what you think!

Rating: 📖 📖 📖 📖 📕

Thank you to Julie Houston and Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this novel.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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