Book Review: Cowboys Don’t Cry byAnne McAllister

Cowboys Don't Cry

Book 24 in my Goodreads Reading Challenge is Cowboys Don’t Cry by Anne McAllister.

‘When Wyoming cowboy Robert Tanner promised to help out the new owner of the Three Bar C, he didn’t expect to have to teach a city girl schoolteacher how to run a ranch. Worse, Maggie MacLeod was a beautiful feisty redhead with flashing eyes and kissable lips — a woman who could tempt a saint.

Tanner was far from a saint. He didn’t do permanent, he didn’t do relationships. The smart thing would be to leave. But a man was only as good as his word. Trouble was, the longer he stayed, the more Maggie got under his skin…’ (Thanks Amazon!)

Cowboys Don’t Cry is the first in the Tanner Brothers series.  The chick lit continues for Chapter and Cake…I enjoy a cowboy romance, and this one fit the bill.  Tanner is a troubled cowboy who has run away from his past to run the Three Bar C ranch.  He loves his job, but he finds himself in a compromising position when Maggie MacLeod leaves the city to take over running the ranch.  Whilst teaching Maggie the ropes, Tanner finds himself falling for her, despite promising himself a long time ago that he would never fall in love again.

This was another easy read that I flew through – a story about two people who meet but cannot be together until they have worked through some issues.  I enjoyed the read, although if I am entirely honest I may not rush to pick up the next in there series.  It was an easy, enjoyable read, but it did not leave me wanting more.

Rating: 📖 📖 📖

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