Reader’s Block – is it a thing?

So it’s been a while since my last blog, and that is because I have had a serious case of ‘reader’s block’.  This has not helped my Goodreads Reading challenge at all!  Sadly, the cause of my reader’s block was a book.

So you may have noticed from my previous blogs that I don’t give ‘bad’ reviews.  I think that your views are very subjective, and what one person likes to read another will not.  I also believe that every book is the product of hours, days, weeks, months of work for the author so destroying that work with a bad review just seems mean.  So I choose not to review books that I do not like. However this leads me to the severe case of reader’s block from which I have recently suffered.  Whilst I will not name this book, I can say that it was a Sunday Times’ Bestseller, with a lovely shiny front cover to draw me in.  Unfortunately, despite it’s lovely reviews, famous author and riveting subject it took me three weeks to get half way through the book and I ultimately put it down before reaching the end.

Putting a book down before reaching the end really does upset me. I always endeavour to finish a novel, however in this case it was impossible. It also stopped me reading anything else! I just couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to pick up another novel.  So, after losing weeks of perfectly good reading time I am finally back in the game.  But the memory of that Sunday Times’ Bestseller still resonates with me.

Have you hit a reader’s block thanks to a novel you’ve read?

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