Book Reviews: The Snow Crystal Trilogy by Sarah Morgan

So, this review actually covers books three, four and five of 2016! I read Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan, which is feel-good book full of Christmas! Kayla is a workaholic Briton, living and working in New York City.  She avoids all things Christmas, which prompts her to take on a difficult job at this festive time of year to help Jackson O’Neil and his family save their business.  Snow Crystal is a family resort in Vermont that has been owned for generations by the O’Neil family.  Due to Jackson’s father lacking a business mind, the resort is failing and so Jackson hires Kayla for her exceptional PR skills.  What Kayla doesn’t expect is that Snow Crystal, the O’Neil’s and Christmas go hand in hand.

Wow.  I have to say that I read this as a little light relief and I truly loved it.  The characters are so very likeable, and the snowy setting is enchanting.  I really felt that I was able to immerse myself in the story, and despite the fact that I read it outside of the Christmas period I loved the trees, the snow and the family love.

I loved this story so much that I immediately read Suddenly Last Summer, quickly followed by Maybe This Christmas; the former follows Jackson’s twin brother Sean and the latter their younger brother Tyler.  The love stories of the three O’Neil brothers, all centred around Snow Crystal, are enthralling as is the magical location.

Despite the fact that Christmas is but a distant memory, I cannot recommend this trilogy enough.  I do enjoy a good chick lit, and this definitely fits the bill.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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